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I am ________ . I was born in ________ . I graduate from ________ senior high school and major in English. I started learning English since I was 12 years old. My parents have a lot of American friends. That’s why I have no problem communicating with Americans or others by speaking English.

In my spare time, I like to do anything relating to English such as listening to English songs, watching English movies or TV programs, or even attending the activities held by some English clubs or institutes. I used to go abroad for a short- term English study. During that time, I learned a lot of daily life English and saw a lot of different things.

I think language is very interesting. I could e_press one substance by using different sounds. So I wish I could study and read more English literatures and enlarge my knowledge.


Hello everybody,I'm ___.I am a lively and lovely girl/boy.I like sports very much,such as badminton.I usually play badminton with my classmates together after class.Playing badminton is not only physical e_ercise, and harvest friendship.We can get more joy in it.I love studying,too.English is my favourite subject.Because I have a dream,a great dream.It is to study abroad.Now I work hard for my dream to learn English well.I also like other subjects.I feel that learning is a pleasure,isn't it?

In short,I am a love life, love of learning.This is a true self.


My name is ___。 I am graduate from __ senior high school and major in __。 There are __ people in my family。 My father works in a puter pany。 And my mother is a housewife。 I am the youngest one in my family。

In my spare time, I like to read novels。 I think reading could enlarge my knowledge。 As for novels, I could imagine whatever I like such as a well-known scientist or a kung-fu master。 In addition to reading, I also like to play PC games。 A lot of grownups think playing PC games hinders the students from learning。 But I think PC games could motivate me to learn something such as English or Japanese。My favorite course is English because I think it is interesting to say one thing via different sounds。 I wish my English could be improved in the ne_t four years and be able to speak fluent English in the future。


Good morning, everyone! My Name is Lu _in. I am so happy to stand in front of you to introduce myself. I am thirteen years old. I graduated from the No.1 Primary School of our city. I like reading books and playing badminton. I hope we can take e_ercises after class. Besides, I like watching movies and listening to pop music.

I am sure there are some classmates have the common interests with me. Therefore, we can communicate with each other. In primary school, I did well in Chinese but math is not so good. I hope I can make progress in middle school. I am very e_cited to be a classmate of you and I hope we can make progress and have good days together.


Hello! It's my pleasure to e here and have a chance to introduce myself。 I will graduate from Beijing Unite Teacher Training university and live in Beijing chaoyang district; my major is Visual Communication design。

On college days, I studied some Graphic Artist Design, Package Design, Book Design, Website Design and so on。 Here is my E-portfolio, please see it。 Besides, a few e-works in my flash disk。 Please see it when you are convenient。

Thank you very much!